Algoport — a community project

Algoport is an Algorand community project that is centered on changing the way people look at NFTs, Launchpads and DeFi. Initially designed to be a fun experiment, Algoport is fast becoming a community loved project.

Algoport will execute a series of experiments to test several sectors of crypto starting from NFTs and then to the development of a launchpad, the first, on Algorand.


The $PORT token (ASA — 582828101) was created on February 2, 2022 with a fixed total supply of 1 billion tokens. $PORT tokens will be used in the model of the NFTs and Launchpad.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Team: 150,000,000 (15%)

Development: 100,000,000 (10%)

Marketing: 100,000,000 (10%)

Community (private contributors, airdrops, rewards, liquidity): 650,000,000 (65%)

Private Contributors

  • locked 9 months, then released at 15% in the first month, and 10% afterward.

Team Tokens

  • locked 12 months, with the option to increase lock period, then released at 10% in the first month, and 5% afterward.


  • PORT tokens will be matched with ALGO contributed and added to DEX trading pairs.


  • This allocation is used for the growth of Algoport including NFT creation, Gallery integration, Launchpad development and integration, general DEFI integration development, cross-chain Launchpad integration, additional liquidity pools, LP rewards and tax remittances.


  • social media campaigns


With series of experiments scheduled to be run, we will have our NFT program out early 2022. We will also have our launchpad up and running in the third half of 2022.

Quarter 1— 2022

  • Airdrop experiment

Quarter 2 — 2022

  • NFT Drop

Quarter 3 — 2022

  • NFT Race 2

Q4 — 2022

  • NFT Race 3


During the short contribution period, it is our hope to exchange up to 30% of the total supply. This will signify the beginning of our fun journey to create a wonderful ecosystem that will solidify Algorand as the go to blockhain platform of the future.

Rules of Contribution

Contribution was fully subscribed on Feb 3 2022 — In essence, any wallet that sends between 20 and 2000 Algos to the contribution wallet is recognized. These funds have to be received within the contribution period. The period starts 3 Feb 2022 08:00 UTC and ends 9 Feb 2022 20:00 UTC.

Any funds received after the period or after reaching the 30% cap (whichever comes first) are not part of the sale. Similarly, any received funds below 20 ALGO or above 2000 ALGO are not part of the sale. Any excluded funds will be returned in a timely manner.



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